What Is My Credit Score Free, Question Answered

credit scores from all 3 bureaus

What is my credit score free? That is the same questions that thousands of other Americans are asking. You can get a free credit report from the three major credit reporting bureaus once a year, thanks to the Fair and Accurate Transactions, FACT Act, but not a free credit score. The only way to get a free credit score from the government authorized unit is when you applied for a loan, for example, and have been rejected because of your credit report or score. You then have a right to ask the lender for a copy of the report and score that they used for reference. But that seems too far for getting a free credit score.

What is my credit score free?

One more way to get a free credit score is through websites that are not government authorized. They are not What Is My Credit Score Freerisky as long as you know how to safely get your free credit score and are careful in choosing the right website. There are a few trusted and well-reputed websites that can give you a free credit score. Choose one that does not require credit card details to avail of their free trial.

There have been numerous cases where individuals singed-up for a free trial and gave their credit card information but were charged for the service a couple of months later. What happened was that, upon signing up, they unknowingly agreed to be charged regular service rates after the free trial and they did not unsubscribe when it was over. If you do give out your credit card details, be extra cautious to cancel your subscription before the trial period expires.

What’s a good score?

A good credit score is anywhere above 660. Getting a score between 660 and 719 will give you fair rates when you are applying for a loan and will show that you are responsible enough financially. The best loan rates and payment terms are offered to those with a credit score of 720 and up. Anywhere below 660 can send a red flag though. You will be considered to be of high risk and will either be given unfavorable rates and terms or rejected for a loan, insurance, job or an apartment.

Why do credit scores differ?

Have you checked your credit scores recently? Have you compared two of your credit scores from different agencies or bureaus? If you have, you will be surprised to find that they are not the same or at lease close enough. This is because of two reasons; one is that different agencies use different scoring models and two, not all information that is available to one agency is available to all the others.

The most common scoring model is the FICO, Fair Isaac Corporation and it is what the three major credit reporting bureaus use. This is important when choosing a free credit score service online. Narrow your search to those that use the FICO model so that your score will closely resemble your actual score at the three bureaus.