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Have you ever heard of free credit report gov? Ever thought that the government isn’t doing everything it should for the citizens of this state? Then think again. You may not be aware but if you check the constitution again, you might just find out the benefits the government has laid out for the citizens such as free credit report.

Millions of people search the internet everyday and when they type the keyword free credit report gov, they will be given several different sites but all giving you the same content—that there is indeed a credit report provided by the government for free every year to every citizen.

A free credit report is possible and very real because of the government’s effort of passing and implementing the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) last September 2005.

A credit report, also known as credit history, is a document showing you a log or registry of all the credit transactions you have made. Yes, you will see your bills, your loans, your payments, and other credit transactions. Other things such as your address and whether you are being sued or being summoned for court will also appear in your credit report.

Why Do You Need A Free Credit Report Gov?

People who make a lot of loans or use their credit cards a lot are the ones who usually need a free credit report gov the most. But that doesn’t mean that those who didn’t make any credit transactions will be given less priority. There are no biases.

A credit report is very important to every citizen because a credit report or credit history is a way for you check and verify your financial status. With a credit report, you may determine whether you can still apply for a loan or not and aside from that, you will also point out the payments you’ve made and the dues you have to comply with.

But one of the essential things about inquiring about your free credit report is to make sure whether or not every information in that said report are correct because a single error may affect your credit score, which is an important factor by the way, and may more or less hinder your future credit transactions. Nobody wants a bad credit score, right?

Where Do We Get the Free Credit Report Gov?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that all major credit reporting agencies specifically Equifax, Experian (formerly TRW), and Trans Union, to provide free credit report gov to all citizens especially to those who request it. The credit report is free and given every twelve months only. Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union are the only credit reporting agencies duly authorized by the government to give free credit reports.

But if you cannot find time to call or personally call these authorized agencies, you may visit the official government-mandated website Annual Credit Report to check and request for your free credit report.

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