Credit Report One Time Fee

credit scores from all 3 bureaus

You should only pay for a credit report one time fee after you have availed of the annual free credit report. The free credit report is available for each individual once every twelve months and from each of the three bureaus. What used to cost $9.50 has now become free once a year thanks to the 2003 Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. The three bureaus, TransUnion, Experian and Equifax are now obligated to provide individuals with a free credit report every year upon the individual’s request.

Credit report one time fee

If you feel the need for another credit report after availing of the annual free credit report then that is the time credit report one time feethat you should pay roughly $15 for each report. This free credit report is only good for one report from one of the three bureaus. If you wish to receive all three reports and scores, Equifax has an offer of $39.95 that will deliver the credit report and score in a consolidated and easy to understand format. You can learn more about it on their website.

For some people, getting their credit report once a year is good enough but for others they suggest checking your credit scores every four months to ensure that no mistakes or inaccuracies are present. And if ever there has been an error, you will be able to rectify it as soon as possible. Watch out for fraud and misinformation within your record. You should also take the time to compute your score because sometimes, errors in the computation occur.

You will find a good number of websites offering a credit report one time fee that is hard to ignore because they will seem much cheaper than the rates of the official bureaus but never fall in these traps. Although they claim to be legit, there are only five websites that are. These website are the official websites of Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, myFICO and that is actually run by the government.

In none of these websites will you find an offer of a credit report one time fee so proceed with extra precaution. Some of these sites, like Experian, offer a monthly reporting with a fee $4.95 for the first month and $14.95 for the consecutive months. With this offer you have unlimited access to your reports anytime, any day as well as access to the bureau’s online dispute process. See their website to find out the complete list of advantages when availing of their credit monitoring service.

Visit each respective credit bureau website to find their most current credit report one time fee pricing.