Not Just Any Cheap Credit Score Report

Do not fall for any of the cheap credit score report promises of anyone other than the three official credit report bureau. Just because it’s cheap does not mean it will be good.

We are all entitled to one free credit report every year, as American citizens. This does not include a free credit score though and sometimes, one free report is not enough. There are times when we need to check our credit report and score more than once a year. You might be applying for a student loan and need to check your credit history. So you scour the internet for a good deal because you once heard a friend say she got hers for a fraction of the cost that Experian or TransUnion or Equifax is asking for. You don’t have to search far to find a one. The internet is littered with them.

Cheap credit score report

The case where an individual signed up for the one month free trial for a cheap credit report and score but cheap credit score reportended up being billed a full year in advance worth of credit report and score is more common than we all would like to think. Take Justin for example. He found a website that will give him his credit report and score for free even after he has already, by law, entitled to a free credit report from

He read the terms and conditions thoroughly and found nothing wrong with it so he provided his credit card number. Two months later he found on his credit card statement that he has been billed for a 12 month deal with that company. As he investigated the matter further, he found written in fine print that he actually agreed to avail of the services after the one month free trial. The same has happened to countless other individuals. People get blinded by a cheap credit score report deal and end up getting scammed. You are not to be blamed though because these companies make sure that the catch is in the fine print.

Lesson learned. Do not fall for any company that promises to provide cheap credit report and score. Only visit well-reputed and trusted websites. Be sure what you get yourself into; read the conditions thoroughly and do not give out your credit card details. If they claim to be free, you should be able to avail of their services without providing credit card information. Be smart when considering cheap credit report offers online.