Can A Credit Score Affect Health Insurance?

credit scores from all 3 bureaus

We have always thought that our credit reports and scores can affect auto loans, homeowner’s insurances and student loans to name a few. Anything credit-based will need to request an individual’s credit report in order to decide. Recently though, Director of Public Relations Anthony Sprauve of  FICO, the credit score model that the three credit reporting bureaus use, has said that this procedure is excluded in health insurances. This has clarified all the confusion that arose when an ACA navigator mentioned in an interview that a credit check was required in health plans.

This means that when getting health insurance, no matter where, your credit history should not be a factor in the finances revolving the health plan. This clarification has provided relief for a lot of Americans as all the controversies revolving around Obamacare has increased. So of all the things that you should worry about if you do not have a very good, or even fair credit report and score, health insurance plans should be the last of them.