3 Step Free Credit Score Check Process

credit scores from all 3 bureaus

Your credit score is important in getting not just loans and insurance but in landing a job too. If you want to know where you stand, there are a couple of methods to find out and a process on how to do a free credit score check.  The one authorized by the government is the Annual Credit Report website where you can get a free credit report once every year. It does not include a credit score though but you can purchase it as an extra service. You may get a free credit report from each of the credit reporting bureaus.

Free Credit Score Check Method

There are websites that will give you a free credit report and score but none of these website are approved by the government to release such information. That’s why it is safest to stick to the Annual Credit Report site.

You should know that…

There are three things you should know about your credit score. The first one is that your score from last How To Obtain Credit Score Freeweek can change the following week. New information on your credit report can make a difference on your credit score. And because you are constantly involved in credit-related activities, your score will constantly change. Credit related activities include payment on credit cards and loans. So if you have made an advance payment on your loan, your credit score will change as soon as the creditor updates this information to the credit reporting bureaus. Your credit score is only calculated whenever you or someone else requests for it so it is likely that new information will be included in the calculations on your next request. Thus, causing a change in your credit score.

The second fact that you should know about credit scores is that you do not have a single, absolute score. There are a lot of credit score models that are available to creditors and different models will give you different scores. The three major credit reporting bureaus use the FICO scoring method but even with these three bureaus, you will likely have different scores. While they all use FICO, they still adapt their own methods to the scoring system. This is the reason why it is advised to not focus on your credit score. Instead, focus on your credit report to get an idea on what score you will probably have. If you’re current on all of your loans, mortgages and credit card, you will have a good credit score no matter which credit score model is used to compute it. This leads us to the third fact that you should know about credit scores.

That is, your credit score is only as good as your credit report. Because despite the fact that your credit score will be different all the time, the one used to compute the score, the information on your credit report, will always be the same. One single error on your credit report will affect your score.

So more than your credit score, focus on your credit report. Make sure that all information in it is correct and that do everything that you can to keep it up.