My Free Credit Report Backdoor

As informed consumers, millions of Americans check their credit history annually as I did when I obtained my free credit report. I have to say I am one of the millions who possesses a credit card or two, and maybe I have processed and applied for a loan to shoulder some expenses. With the economy looking dubious, people nowadays have resorted to risky alternatives to make ends meet such as juggling with two to three jobs, starting a small business from scratch, and even applying for loans and credit cards just to make ends meet. Despite the financial challenges, I can still watch my spending and use my credit wisely.

First of all, you have to know that a credit report is a statement which provides my credit score and information about my credit history such as bills, loans, payments, and other purchases from banks, credit companies, and even stores. What’s really beneficial about getting a yearly credit report, aside from the fact that it’s free, is that I can take note of my payment history. I check my credit report to ensure that there are no errors in my credit log and that every credit transactions I have made—payments, loans, etc.—have been duly registered.

Two Easy Ways to Get My Free Credit Report

You can claim a free credit report from the government. As a matter of fact, the government of United States of America makes sure that every citizen gets a free credit card every year through the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which requires consumer reporting companies in the state to provide me with my free credit report when I want one. I only had to choose between two simple ways to get receive it. One is by contacting any of the three major bureau companies in the nation that the government has required to provide me with my free yearly credit report and they are:

  • Equifax
    (800) 685-1111
  • Experian (formerly TRW)

    (888) 397-3742

  • Trans Union

    (800) 916-8800 or (800) 888-4213

Another way of obtaining my free credit report was by visiting Once I got to the site, all I had to do is request my free annual credit report by submitting an Annual Credit Report Request Form and it’s done. I didn’t have to wait in line or go through a tiresome process of paperwork. All I had to do was call one of the companies or visit the sites mentioned above.

I Can’t Wait, I Need My Free Credit Report Now.

Just because I’ve been listing everything I’ve been spending for the past few years does not mean I’m fully aware and updated with my credit score. That is why it is highly recommended to check your credit report regularly to make certain that my finances are handled well. So take it from me, don’t wait until something has gone wrong with your credit. My free credit report definitely helped me out.